Carpet tiles are now more popular than normal carpets

Capret tiles (teppefliser) in office

For many years, broadloom carpets have been the most popular way of furnishing one’s floor. This has rapidly changed, however, and carpet tiles (teppefliser) are now more popular than normal carpets. In this article, we will look at five of the reasons why.

Carpet tiles are simple to lay, and you don’t need help from experts.

Indeed, if you want to “get your hands dirty” and install your floor furnishing yourself, then carpet tiles are the way to go. Not only is it easy, but also enjoyable. It may only take you a day or so. There are many videos online with instructions on how to do it.

Carpet tiles enable unique design

Using carpet tiles in your room will enable you to set up a unique design that will make it stand apart from rooms with normal carpets. You can, for example, use different hues or patterns to create the style you want. And if you want to fashion the room into a playground for your children or spice up the living room, you can easily do it.

Carpet tiles don’t cost as much

Carpet tiles don’t cost as much as broadloom when you choose to lay them down yourself. You’ll pay less for both work force and transportation. Another thing to note, is that carpet tiles are much cheaper than hard floors, and they introduce some more hospitality to your house.

Carpet tiles are simple to sustain, and it’s simple to swap single tiles

Also, your carpet tiles won’t wear down as quickly as broadloom. This is because you don’t have to replace the entire floor if you accidentally stain one part of it; you can simply swap the tiles you spilled on, and that’s it. Therefore, over time, they are much more sustainable than normal carpets.

They are simple to wash; all you have to do is vacuum them. Most carpet tiles are quite flat, which makes them hold on to less smudge and dust. They also have hues that hide stains and dirt as well.

In order to experience the benefits of this tip, remember to order some more tiles than just the ones you’re going to use right now. This way you’ll have a few extra for when you need them.

Carpet tiles are strong

Almost all carpet tiles are flat, and are knit tightly together. They are made in such a way to handle lots of walking and tough handling. Often, the industry standard is to make them suitable for commercial traffic, but it’s hard to say whether it would be even more durable if it were made to stand a house full of kids! 

In addition, a lot of carpet tiles have built-in protection from smudges, and they can handle the office chair wheels quite well.

So that’s it. Because of things like simple installation and durability, carpet tiles are now more popular than normal carpets. Make sure to go out and get some for your next do-it-yourself project.

Why buying interior online is great

An Interior Online Store

Today, the world has become a global village with the aid of the internet. Gone are the days when a person had to go out of the house to perform essential chores. The case remains the same when it comes to buying interior online. The facility of online interior designing available today has brought a great comfort for the customers.

The experience of working with your interior designer for composing the interior decor of your home is usually inspiring and cooperating. You get to arrange the interior of your house in a professional manner. The primary benefit of doing it online is that all of the processes are just a click away from you.

If you take into consideration the conventional interior designers, you realize that they are costly. In addition to this, the schedule of the designer does not necessarily coincide with yours. You have to fix a meeting with the designer to let him come and visit your home.
But the online interior stores have brought a great revolution in this arena of interior designing. They not only offer an affordable price but also bring ease to us. They have an access to the streamlined technology and all the modern tools. Thus, online interior designing is very helpful for those people who happen to lead a busy life and cannot wear themselves out in lazy meetings with the designers. All that you are required to do is to schedule a call or a chat with the online company to have the opportunity of sending it notes and other relevant data.
Following are some reasons which make the online interior a great niche.

Affordable prices

The online interior designers do not upset your budget. They usually offer reasonable prices. You know from the very beginning the prices of the items. Thus, you have more flexibility and options while choosing the items. You can compare the prices of items with each other keeping in view their usage and requirement. In short, you get to know whether the item you are going to buy is worth it or not.
An adjustable timetable

Perhaps, this feature of online interior shops makes them the most significant facility for everyone out there. Now, you no longer need to sacrifice a big chunk of your precious time for the interior designers. You can choose a time which is convenient for you and suits your schedule. Every bit of your interaction with the designer happens online. So, you can engage yourself in this activity whenever you are free. You can be curled up on your sofa and still be able to order furniture and other things for decorating the house of your dreams.

Effortless customization

Online interior design shops provide all of the personalization of the product you require without creating any trouble. An online designer offers you the choices that fit your taste and requirement. Thus, they make it easy for you to adjust your current furniture into a unique one without wasting your precious time in some store.

Quick feedback

The interior designers available online do not travel here and there. So, they are available most of the time. Thus, you get replies from them in a short span of time.

Skilled designers

The online interior shops have skilled designers. Thus, they always come up with innovative ideas to materialize our dream house into reality.


While buying your interior online, you do not need to spend your cash on designers. They are usually economic.
Thus, these features of online shops make them a great agent.

Interior Shutters

More and more designers select interior shutters. They’re more resourceful than shades and curtains and offer more flexibility about light filtering. This is of vital importance to some homeowners and some potential homeowners.  As well, they provide the utmost privacy, which is a major concern these days as home builders are tending to build homes closer together. They’re simple to clean, too. Just wipe clean with a mild detergent and a soft, damp cloth. Most of all, they look perfect. Additional advantages include:

  • Beauty. They come in a variety of styles and colors.
  • Value. Shutters increase the value of your home.
  • Versatility. They match nearly every style and will hardly need changing, even if you change your decor.
  • Energy savings. With a simple turn of the slats, you can control sunlight and airflow and thus, save on heat and air conditioning expenses.
  • Sun protection. Shutters block the sun and protect furniture and furnishings from sun damage.
  • Affordability. Curtains are reasonably priced.

 Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are interior shutters with wider slats/louvers. They were once very popular in the southern United States, where they were, as their name suggests, widely used at plantations. At first, they were mainly used on the exterior, where they added visual appeal and weather protection. But now, they are on the inside, too, where they add even more beauty.  People commonly call them the “the ultimate window furniture.”

Interior Det Selv

Interior Det Selv is an online retailer of custom window blinds, shades, drapery, and shutters. Its goal is to provide its customers with functional, practical, and beautiful window coverings. Interior Det Selv has always been dedicated to and will always remain dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. It creates its products with the highest quality expertise and with the highest quality materials.

Faux Wood Interior Shutters

Interior Det Selv’s Faux Wood/Composite Shutters look and act like real wood shutters. They’re crafted with wood-composite material collected from well-sustained forests and swathed with a hard coating, so they’re incredibly affordable and extremely durable. They come in an assortment of white-toned neutrals and hinge finishes, sure to match any style.

 Plantation Shutters

 Plantation shutters look terrific and increase the value of your home. They look great in any room, are resistant to moisture and damage, and rarely require a valance or drapery. They also look great from the street, too. Interior Det Selv offers the following Plantation


  • Faux Wood Shutters (available in white-toned neutrals)
  • Premium Wood Shutters Stained (available in tinted whites or natural stains)
  • Premium Wood Shutters Painted (available in colored whites or natural stains)